13th Shadow Legion Wiki

In the 13th Shadow Legion, there are many high ranknig commanders. Most control Navy, Army, and Space forces. Although, some command Sea forces and Air forces.

Leading Commanders[]

Supreme Commander Ryan Ferran[]

The leading commander of the 13th Shadow Legion is Ryan Ferran. He commands all of the the forces in the Legion, Air, Space, Sea, and Land forces. He also has many sub-commanders.

General Kayla Johansen[]

Kayla Johansen is the 2nd in command of the 13th Shadow Legion. She commands mostly Land forces and some Space forces.

General Gree (CC-1004)[]

General Gree is the highest rankinfg clone trooper in the 13th Shadow Legion. While Ryan Ferran is conducting ground operations, Gree is either with him or commanding Space forces in orbit. He has the authority to over ride and commands given to Galactic Republic ships, unless given by Ryan Ferran or Kayla Johansen.

Lord Hood[]

Lord Hood is the highest ranking UNSC soldier. He commands all UNSC Space forces.

Thel 'Vadum[]

Thel is the leader of the Covenant Sepratists leader. He controls all Covenant forces, but mainly does ground operations.

Rtas 'Vadum[]

When Thel 'Vadum is working on gound ops, Rtas commands all Covenant Sepratist ships in orbit.

List of Commanders[]

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