13th Shadow Legion Wiki

The Clone Commandos of the 13th Legion are some of the toughest soldiers in the Galactic Republic. Under command of Shadow Legion are about 12,000 finely tuned and deadly killing machines ready to take any order.


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Notible Squads[]

Delta Squad: Boss (Leader), Sev (Sniper), Scorch (Demolition), Fixer (Slicer)

Omega Squad: Darman (Demolition), Atin (Slicer), Fi (Medic/Sniper), Niner (Leader)

Valkarie Squad: Corr (Leader), Bry (Demolition), Rede (Sniper/Medic), Ennen (Slicer)

Hyperion Squad:Knerantez(Leader), Jefsont(Medic/Sniper), Helmay(Demolition), Preties(Slicer)

Alpha Squad: Fervoron(Leader), Yanix(Medic/Demolition), Camondez(Sniper), Shredoshi(Slicer)

Beta Squad: Johanah(Leader), Wandohah(Demolition), Yuseph(Sniper/Slicer), Dertiony(Medic)

Zeta Squad: Manderous(Leader), Rengiku(Sniper), Candorsion(Demolition), Jakesani(Medic/Slicer)

Yayax Squad: Cov (Leader), Dev (Sniper), Jind (Medic/Demolition), Yover (Slicer)

Ion Squad: Climber (Leader), Ras (Sniper/Slicer), Trace (Demolition), Fives (Medic)