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Kayla while on leave.

Kayla Johansen is 2nd in command of Shadow Legion. A smart, funny, and beutiful young lady, she has accomplished much within her short military career(much like the other commanding officers in Shadow Legion.). She is unsure if she will take control of Shadow Legion if Ryan Ferran dies, because she was put in charge of it for a year and it didn't turn out to well. She is also the youngest in her family.

Early Life[]

Born on Thyferra in 1992(using our time for a better understanding), she was born into a weathy family who lived in the planet's capital city. When she was 7, she had a horrific incident with her father. After that,her mother divorced the man and Kayla did not talk to any males besides teachers and family members(until she met Ryan, of course). So since she was 7, she has grown up without a father, with her only family being her mother, her older brother Lawrence, and older sister Megan.

Military Career[]

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