13th Shadow Legion Wiki

Shadow Base during "transformation".

Shadow Base.jpg
Shadow Base


Air Force Base, Fleet Anchorage, Fortress, Navy Base


15 Miles east on Delaware River


Combination of Ion cannons, Turbo and Heavy laser batteries,Missile Launchers



The main base of operations for the 13th Shadow Legion on Earth, it is a near-impenetrable fortress that can withstand nearly and attack. It is located in New Jersey.

Weapons Systems[]

When in need, transform. If the base is attacked by enemy forces, the base can trasform into a battle hardend fortress. When in "attack mode", it has a total of 5,000,000 weapons ready to fire at any target.

The largest weapon in the base is a 60 in. main gun battery at the very top of the base. It is so powerful, some say, that it can punch a hole clean through an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer, sheilds and all. It also has thousands of gun batteries rangeing from 40 in. to 5 in. The base also has many .50 caliber machine guns, 10-100 mm cannons, turbolasers, and ion cannons. Running throughout the base are bunkers, pillboxes, and trenches. Under the base, there are tunnels leading between the different buildings and defensive structures

Zann Consortium Assault[]

About 3 months after the finished construction of Shadow Base, one of the largest attacks in history took place.


Shadow Base strongly resembles Autobot City from the 1980 hit "Transformers: The Movie"