13th Shadow Legion Wiki

From small starfighters to massive Super Stardestroyers, starships make up the iron fist of the 13th Shadow Legion's space dominance.

Ship Classes[]


Basicly a scaled down version of an assault ship, a transport is designed to carry small numbers of troops into and out battle. Like starfighters, transports are usually carried on capital ships, such as Star Destroyers. Freighters are basicly transport craft that carry supplies such as vehicles, ammo, or food.


Small, nimble, and fast, starfighters can destroy capital ships and destroy each other. They can be docked inside a larger ship, a planet orbiting hanger, or on the planet.


The smallest type of capital ship, Corvettes are designed to destroy starfighters and other patrol craft. They are extremly fast and carry numberous heavy lasers.


Slightly bigger than a Corvette, a frigate is designed very differently. Figates are designed to carry small numbers of fighters and engage small craft such as corvettes, patrol craft, and other frigates.


Larger than a frigate, but smaller than full fledged combat craft, destroyers make up a large part of the Legion's intersteller navy. They are designed to carry a small amount of fighters and bombers into combat and provide support for larger battleships and cruisers.

Assault Ship[]

An assault ship is designed to carry large numbers of land forces into battle while being able to surpress enemy fire. While making up a large portion of the Legion's space forces, there a very few classes for this type of ship.


The cruiser is a heavily powered, heavily armored ship specificly designed for ship-to-ship combat. Although they do carry small amounts of starfighters, they rely on the fighter support of carriers and destroyers for protection agiant smaller ships.

Battleship/Star Destroyer/Dreadnought[]

The battleship is the heaviest combat ship below the Super Star Destroyer. They rely on their amazing firepower to win the battle before the enemy has a chance to retreat or outflank them. Even though battleships have extremly thick armor and awe-inspiring firepower, they also rely on their large hanger bays. A single Star Destroyer can hold the same amount of fighters as 5 escort carriers.


A huge non-combat ship, carriers are designed to hold massive amounts of fighters and bombers to protect themselves. Although they do have small amounts of weaponry, carriers would be decimated in ship-to-ship combat against anything higher than a cruiser. Carriers can range from small escort carriers holding 10 fighters to gigantic super-carriers holding hundreds of small fighters and bombers.

Super Star Destroyer[]

The largest ship type ever built, Super Star Destroyers are miles long, have enough firepower to destroy a fleet of battleships, and enough support craft to take on 20 carriers. Although rare, a Super Star Destroyer will usually turn the ttide of battle in the favor of the user instantly. Rumor has it that the sight of 2 Super Star Destroyers caused the surrender of a Trade Federation blockade of 500 ships. This has never been confirmed.

List of Ships[]


Action VI Transposrt

Class VI Bulk Freighter

AA-9 Transport

Consular-class Cruiser

Gallofree GR-75 Medium Transport

J-Type 327 Starship


AT-AT Barge

Naboo Star Skiff

H-Type Yacht

Gozanti Cruiser

Barloz-class Freighter

J-Type 322 Starship

Sentinal-Class Landing Craft

Aggressor Assault Fighter

Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttle

Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle

Gamma Assault Shuttle



Infiltrator Star Courier

GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat


Scurrq H-6 Bomber

Firespray-class Interceptor

BR-23 Courier

Lambda Shuttle

S40K Phoenix Hawk Class Light Pinnace

Theta-class T2-c Shuttle



Longsword-class Fighter

Shortsword-class Bomber

Seraph Fighter

C-WIng Ugly

Razor Fighter

Y-Wing Bomber

Y-Wing BTL-A4 Longprobe




ARC-170 Starfighter

XS.009 Scarab

Z-95 Headhunter

N-1 Starfighter

H-KDI T-Wing

Delta-7 Aethersprite

Alpha-3 Nimbus



Cygnus Gunboat




Droid Tri-Fighter

Aurek Tactical Starfighter

Delta-7B Aetherspite Light Interceptor

V-19 Torrent Starfighter

NB-1S Royal Bomber

Vulture-class Droid Starfighter

Tie Advanced x1

Tie Aggressor

Tie/ad Avenger

Tie/D Defender

Tie/D Automated Starfighter

Tie Experimental M3

Tie Hunter

Tie Oppressor

Tie Phantom

I-7 Hoowlrunner

E-Wing Escort Fighter

Nssis-class Clawcraft

CF/A-17G Wraith

DF/A-19 Wraith Mk II




Assault Ship[]


Battleship/Star Destroyer/Dreadnought[]


Super Star Destroyer[]

Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer

Executor-class Super Star Destroyer

Malevolent-class Super Star Destoyer

Inquisitor-class Super Star Destroyer

Vengwance-class Super Star Destroyer